Dennison Wedding

Project: Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet

Photos provided by 1st Things Photography

Material Used: Gold Plated Rhinestone Spacers, Fresh Water Pearls, and Blue Swarovski Crystals

In person meetings allowed Geana to get to know the bride and her personality, pictures were sent via email and phone consultations were had. The hanging back necklace provided a stunning back piece to her open back dress and the tiered collection of strands in the front completed the look. The double pearl strand bracelet added balance while the chandelier earrings completed the look. A fun fact about this piece is that the back piece can be separated from the necklace, this allows both pieces to be worn separately.

Hoeper Wedding


Project: Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet

Materials Used:  Sterling Silver, Fresh Water Pearls, and Swarovski Crystals

This bride was not local so, her consultations were done via email and phone. The bride sent several photos of her gown and photos of herself in the gown. Since the gown had lace and pearl accents, it was important to Geana to compliment the simplicity and elegance of those materials.

Bolling Wedding

Project: Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, and Anklet

Materials Used: Sterling Silver, Burgundy Fresh Water Pearls, and Champaign Colored Fresh Water Pearls.

This bride requested a choker piece that included her wedding colors of Burgundy and Champaign. Geana was able to meet with her for measurements and material review. These pieces were so versatile that not only did the bride use them on her wedding day, she wears the pieces regularly.

 Cream Pearl set

Project: Necklace and Earrings

Material Used: Gold Plated Rhinestone Spacers and Fresh Water Pearls.

This piece was created for a bride who is looking for something elegant and simple. This set would fit almost any neckline and can be customized.

Sterling Silver Bridle Set

Project: Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet

Material Used: Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal


This Choker piece will fit a more modern bride. The choker is handcrafted with sterling silver loops and crystal dangles. This set would compliment an updo hairstyle with a strapless neckline.